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Who controls the Forex market?

How to trade like the smart money...

Why does the price move on your charts?

Who makes the price move?

Who is the invisible hand that makes prices go up or down?

And, the most important question: how can YOU also trade like the smart money that controls the Forex market?

Now. you will finally get answers!

The forex market is the largest financial market in the world. The daily turnover is 6 trillion US Dollars. That is a 6 with 12 zeros.

The largest players in the forex market are banks, governments, funds and other, so-called „big players“ or smart money. They are the ones that actually make the price go up or down on your Forex charts. They have the power to make any forex pair move as they please.

And, of course, they won’t tell us normal traders what they are doing, which currency they are selling or buying, and where they will move the currencies in order to make money.

But if there is one thing that is certain. it is that the smart money, like casinos, rarely lose! 

Smart Money Almost Never Loses

Knowing what those big players are doing would be priceless. Banks are the most profitable businesses in the whole world.

The question that all traders ask themselves is: How can we trade like one of the big players?

Although in forex, we can’t see which big player is buying or selling, there are certain clues the big players leave on the charts that traders like you can leverage to trade alongside the smart money.

A big player can’t just open their trading platform and get into their trades at once. They have to approach their trading methodically or otherwise, their buying and selling would be noticed right away.

Luckily for us normal traders, the trades of the big players leave VERY specific clues on price charts because they are just so big that they can’t fully hide what they are doing.

Smart Money Leaves Clues On Charts

Have you ever wondered why you are seemingly always too late in trends? why the price so often kicks you out of your trades and then go on to your initial target without you? and why is your entry almost never perfect?

The smart money knows how retail traders think. And it’s not even that hard for them to know that.

95% of traders fail. At the same time, 95% of all traders read the same books, browse the same websites, use the same tools, and follow the same trading principles.

If you really want to have different results, you have to do things differently. You have the start thinking in a different way about charts – you have to start thinking like the smart money!

And this is what our Forex Smart Money trading strategy is all about.

It’s time to change the way normal traders trade. It’s time to open the eyes of the average trader to what is really happening on your Forex charts and behind the scenes.

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You Can Trade Like The Smart Money

We have a combined trading experience of over 20 years, proven track records, and have mentored thousands of traders. We understand the problems the 95% have and we also know how to turn this around. 

Proven Track Record

That’s why we are now offering, for a short time, our Forex Smart Money trading strategies.

You learn exactly how the smart money thinks, how they trade, how they are fooling the average trader, and  – most importantly – how YOU can use this knowledge to your advantage and trade alongside the smart money!

We have compiled 23 video lessons with almost 3 hours of trade studies and in-depth chart analyses that will help you adopt the smart money trading strategy.

You learn about:

Liquidity hunting
Stop fishing
Supply pockets
Demand spikes
Traps, and much more.

The course teaches a complete trading strategy:

Find the perfect entry

Do a multi-timeframe analysis#

Rules for when to get out

How to place safe stops

How to manage your trades

…and everything else that goes into trading a robust and complete trading strategy.

You also learn to avoid the most common mistakes so that you may become part of the 5% of traders who make it in this industry.

A Real Smart Money Strategy

However, this is not a holy grail, this won’t work 100% of the time – nothing does in trading – but it will provide you with the knowledge that will separate you from the rest of the Forex traders.

And there is even more!

We have included 2 bonuses. But only if you act fast – it’s going to go away.

The first bonus is a complete forex starter course. If you are new to Forex trading, this course teaches you everything that you need to know to become an intermediate trader. FREE with the Forex Smart Money strategy.

And the second bonus is our exclusive trading as a business webinar. With this special webinar, you learn to set up your trading in a professional way and even further separate you from the average, losing trader.  FREE with the Forex Smart Money strategy.


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Happy trading!

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Trading Concepts

Liquidity Hunting

Find explosive trends and price moves.

Supply / Demand

Understand where smart money trades.

Stop Fishing

Learn to avoid getting trapped by smart money.

Demand Pullbacks

Powerful pullback trade entries.

Supply Spikes

This is how the smart money moves.

Safe Stops

Avoid getting taken out too early.

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What do you get?

The Smart Forex Money strategy is a complete system.
You don't need anything else.

 In-depth video course 

 Clear rules for everything

 Proven system with real results

 Video trade studies help you understand the system fast

 High winrate and huge winners

 Supply & demand strategies 

 Nothing else needed

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 Find trades every day in all markets

 Bonuses included…

What Traders Are Saying

We have mentored thousands of traders over the years.
Benefit from our experience.

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Rolf Schlotmann

The developer of the Smart Forex Money Trading System

Rolf has started trading in 2008 when he was studying Investing and International Finance.

After graduating top of his class with a Master of Science, Rolf moved to Asia to focus exclusively on his trading.

Since then, he has been traveling the world as a private trader.

2015, Rolf has started mentoring traders.

His powerful trading systems help traders from all around the world, improve their skills and find better trades while not having to be stuck in front of computer screens all day long.

Bonus 1

Forex Starter Course

Are you new to Forex trading or just want to brush up on your basics?
The Forex starter course is the perfect foundation before you dive into our Daily Bias Trading System.

The course includes 19 video lessons and will help you kickstart your trading career. 

We cover everything from position size calculation, different order types, trend analysis, price action basics, introductions to chart patterns, and an explanation of the most important economic news.

Regular Price: $ 129


FREE with Forex Smart Money Trading System

Bonus 2

Trading as a business

Are you ready to take trading seriously?
Then we have something really special for you…

In addition to the Forex Smart Money Trading Strategy course, you will also receive a special webinar where you will learn how to create your own trading business plan.

This special webinar is included for free when you purchase the Forex Smart Money course.


Regular Price: $ 70


FREE with Forex Smart MoneyTrading System

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60-day money back guarantee 

Common questions

After your purchase, you get instant access to all videos and course material – including all bonus materials.

The ForexSmartMoney offer includes a complete trading system with over 20 video lessons and many in-depth trade study examples.

At its core, the ForexSmartMoney system is a Supply & Demand trading strategy.

Supply and Demand is what drives every market and we show how the smart money moves the Forex market.

The ForexSmartMoney strategy only works for Forex.

You learn to trade the higher and the lower timefrrames.

We help you find the right fit for your own trading.

The strategy works on all timeframes and we show exactly how.

No. The offer includes everything you need. Nothing else is needed.

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